Success: Overcome Tough Obstacles Like A Boss

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Today I read a great article titled, “8 Greatest Obstacles In Life You Must Overcome To Be Successful“. The writer did an excellent job of giving just the right amount of detail along with some great practical advice to follow in order to achieve success.

The obstacles spoken of are:

  • perfectionism
  • fear
  • lack of clarity
  • comparing yourself to others
  • negative self-talk
  • unclear boundaries
  • unreasonable expectations
  • unreasonable definition of success

Each obstacle is spoken about in its own section and the advice provided is pretty straightforward. It’s a great read and I highly recommend that you take the time to check it out.

With that being said, I would love to share with you the things I learned and found interesting from reading that article.

Learn to love mistakes

I particularly learned a lot from the advice given about perfectionism. I can definitely relate to it since I suffered from that when starting this site. The general advice for new bloggers is to focus on the content and not the design.

However, I kept obsessing over the look of the site when I should’ve paid more attention to the overall plan for my site. Another aspect that I kept overthinking was the topic of the site.

I went back and forth so many times on what the overall topic of the site is, I actually didn’t get much done for over a month! Even though I’m still ironing out the details, I at least have a working idea of the direction I want to go in now.

Basically, I was afraid to make mistakes with the look of the site and picking the wrong topic. The article I read today helped me realize that it’s ok to try things and see how it goes.

Making mistakes and seeing what does and doesn’t work is part of the fun and learning experience.

Manage your fear

I suffer from anxiety, mainly social anxiety. I’ve had a mild stuttering problem since I was a small child. When I start to feel anxious, It becomes more pronounced.

This ended up affecting my self-esteem and confidence pretty badly. It’s still something I battle with until this day, but I’m learning about self-improvement to help me overcome it.

Fear is a natural emotion we have as humans and is something that helps to keep us safe when we’re in an actual dangerous situation. Of course, the brain can play tricks on you.

The brain can trick you into experiencing fear for very irrational reasons. Furthermore, this can lead you to experience a lack of success because you’re afraid to do what needs to be done to accomplish something.

However, if you can catch yourself in those moments of irrational fear and analyze what’s really going on in your mind and body, you’ll learn a lot.

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Finding your “Why” can help bring clarity

As someone who suffers from anxiety, I also know all about overthinking. I believe overthinking is rooted in perfectionism, fear, and lack of clarity.

Without clarity, you’re left in a state of confusion. This can apply to your career, relationships, finances, etc.

So how do we gain clarity? Well, that happens by finding your “why”. You need to ask yourself, “why am I working in this field?”. “Why am I always broke?”. Or, “Why am I always so tired?”.

If you can really be honest with yourself when asking this question, you’ll eventually end up knowing the “what” and the “how”.

Doing this will help you to avoid being in a constant state of confusion about a particular area of your life. You’ll then start to become more confident when you realize you have a clear vision of what to do next to improve that area of your life.

Stop comparing yourself to everyone around you all of the time

I’m of the belief that social media is a great tool that has many benefits but can also be a dangerous tool when used the wrong way.

If you’re on social media every day, and you’re always comparing yourself to how someone else looks or lives, then that needs to stop. It’s not healthy for you.

The next time you catch yourself comparing your life or image to someone else’s, ask yourself, “how is this benefiting me?”. “What am I trying to accomplish here?” “How is this helping me?”.

It all comes down to prioritizing the levels of importance that you give to certain things. Like I said, comparing yourself to others is fine to a certain extent.

Anything more than the normal means you’re giving it too high a level of importance.

Speak kind and motivating words to yourself

Be aware of your self-talk. If you find that the words you speak to yourself aren’t very encouraging, then you’ll want to change that.

Speaking negatively about yourself isn’t good for your mental health. There will always be people in this world that will tell you everything bad about you. You don’t need to be that extra person doing the same thing.

Believe in yourself and speak empowering words to yourself. Build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down. If you feel the need to talk tough to yourself, learn how to say the same thing in a less demeaning way.

Don’t be afraid to communicate your values, goals and desires to others

It’s important that others understand that you’re not one to be walked all over on. This can definitely happen if you’re too afraid to set boundaries with others.

The same way other people can tell you their thoughts, opinions, desires, and beliefs, you also have that same ability.

If there’s something you don’t like, then tell someone. Do you have goals you want to accomplish? Tell someone.

Also, don’t be afraid to say “no”. One way to be known as a “push-over” or “weak” is to never have your own opinion and never saying “no”.

You’re just as important as the next person so don’t ever be afraid to let the world know what you value and care about as well.

Ground your expectations in reality

I’m all about having faith in yourself and working to achieve a difficult goal, but it needs to be based on reality.

The fastest way to give up on your goals and dreams is to set unrealistic expectations for those goals.

A great way to set realistic goals is to factor in moments of struggle. If you can accept the fact that things won’t be smooth sailing on the way to achieving the goal, you’ll be better off.

Only those who believe that they won’t suffer from any kind of setback are the ones who don’t make it very far in achieving goals.

However, if you can accept that reality, and make plans to deal with those moments, you’ll be unstoppable.

There’s more than one way to succeed

I absolutely loved the part in the article that spoke about having an unreasonable definition of success.

It made me realize that I cannot be so laser-focused on one specific outcome when seeking success. When setting a goal to achieve, you have to know what it will take to give you that feeling of success.

Also, it’s very important to come to the realization that success can come in more than one way. So, in knowing that, it’s imperative that you take that into account when setting goals.

If you can fully understand that there are other possible ways to feel successful when working towards a goal, then add that to your plan. The more avenues of success, the easier success will be to attain.


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  1. Excellent points! Following these points definitely takes a lot of pressure off while working our way to success! I also love how you mentioned how there are different ways to succeed!Thanks for sharing!


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